How many of you struggle with waiting and/or rejoicing in the Lord while you wait? Well a few months ago I got impatient and decided to start moving forward by myself (WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING?!). I decided to follow my desires because He wasn’t moving fast enough for me. 

The intimacy and friendship were no longer there. I felt empty and worthless inside. I have always had the desire to see new places… to travel. I became obsessed with the idea of traveling that it was all I could think of. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting to travel. But when God is no longer your #1 priority, then it becomes an issue. 

The beautiful thing is that I belong to a forgiving and merciful God! Even though I had decided to move forward by myself, He took the time to open my eyes and FREE me from the lies of loneliness and emptiness. There is Power in the name of Jesus! 

So while I rejoice through the waiting, I fall more and more in love with my Abba. I can see how He pursues my heart and how He does know my desires, which are to serve Him and enjoy this great gift called life.  




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