Tax season was over and my stress level was through the roof! My trip to Nashville with my sister had to be postponed due to an event we both wanted to attend on Saturday morning. I was distraught with the thought of having to wait another month or so for a getaway!! So I decided to leave for the beach right after the event was over! 

My friend Bentley decided to join in on the adventure! On our way to Santa Rosa Beach (4 hour trip) we drove through a severe thunderstorm and we were worried about how the weather was going to be when we arrived. I was forced to drive the speed limit since it was raining really hard and we couldn’t see anything! It was painful… Pumping gas in the middle of a thunderstorm was the best!  

Once we entered Florida, the rain was gone and the sun was peeking through the clouds here and there. We checked in and then headed to the beach. Just in time for the sun set! It was breathtaking! Seeing how God paints the skies and the power and size of the ocean, it reminded me of how powerful and beautiful God is. And how He is in control of everything.  

Sunday was adventure day! We woke up early and headed out to eat breakfast and ride bikes (cross that off my spring bucket list) before we met with a dear friend of ours, who’s a missionary down in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. After a great time of fellowship we went back to the beach and laid out there for the rest of the day. Let’s just say it hurts to scratch. 😩 ☀️

  30A Eats

  Sundog Books 


Being able to get away and see beautiful places like these makes me appreciate home. As much as I desire to travel and get to see new places, I will always come back to Birmingham, AL. Sweet home Alabama. 


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