April ’15 Recap

Adios April! With tax season ending you’ve been stressful and super busy! Yet filled with excitement and adventure! 

New Places:

  • I found a new favorite restaurant! Chicken Salad Chick! My favorite chicken salad has been the Cranberry Kelly. Let’s just say that in the last month I’ve gone so many times that I have enough points to get free food… Don’t judge me! 

Spring Bucket List:




  • In our college/young adult bible study, we just finished our first book called Grey AreasWe live in a world of infinite possibilities, even when we’re addressing important moral and ethical issues. For some questions, there just don’t seem to be right or wrong answers. Worse, in other situations, there seems to be several right answers. Not only do good people disagree, REALLY good people REALLY disagree. A lot of the issues we face don’t have a direct Scriptural response and Gray Areas seeks to address some of these issues and give us guidance on how to address more of these issues throughout life.  
  • Second book I started this month and haven’t really been reading, due a crazy busy month, is On Mission with God. A great book that God is using to remind me that we are here to glorify Him and that part of being a Christian is to respond to His calling! To go and tell! 


  • Favorite movie of this month was Do You Believe? This movie brought conviction and made me ask myself, “do my actions really reflect what I believe in? Which is Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.” 

Favorite/New Items:

  • On my trip to the beach I purchased this awesome cute hat! Fell in love as soon as I saw it and it perfectly fit my big head! 
  • I love sunglasses! The problem is they only last for a few months. I lose them or they end up breaking. That’s why I can’t buy expensive things! I bought these at Maurices and I already lost them lol so I’m going back today to buy another pair before my church retreat this weekend.   
  • Does anyone else love receiving mail? This month I ordered this awesome art print poster on Etsy. It’s 10000x’s better than the online picture! Love love love! You can follow Samantha, the designer, on Instagram to see more of her beautiful work!    

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